Getting back to writing

As you can see from my prior posts, I had taken quite the long leave of absence from writing – approximately 2 years.  In some ways, that’s good.  My interests have changed as my experiences have increased and I’ve moved away from process engineering into a more statistics heavy approach to my work.

That doesn’t mean I’ll never write about process again; indeed I think the purpose of using data is to decide on what choices to make (about process, policy, whatever) so I can’t imagine never touching on the subject again.  However, I want to refocus my efforts on the types of statistical errors I frequently see such that I help to make the world a bit smarter when it comes to thinking about data.  And at the same time, I hope to fill the gap between “Statistics for Dummies” (which is just a toe in the water) and the Andrew Gelman’s of the world (where almost everyone is in over their heads).

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